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From Blank Canvas to Self- Discovery: A Couples Journey to Wellness

Title: Wellness

Author: Nathan Hill

Genre: fiction literary

Maya reading Wellness by Nathan Hill
Maya reading Wellness by Nathan Hill

Wellness by Nathan Hill follows Jack and Elizabeth, a couple who built a life together after meeting in college. They married, had a child, and now, 20 years later, both find themselves questioning who they are in life and how they got there. This book covered topics about childhood trauma, parenthood, self - discovery and belief.

One of my favorite parts is the parallel between Jack and Elizabeth’s professions which both have a theme of “nothingness”. Jack, an abstract artist/photographer, captures the essence of "nothingness" through his work. Elizabeth, a psychologist, studies the placebo effect, the power of belief in healing.


"Your husband photographs nothing, and you prescribe nothing. He captures nothing on film, and you capture nothing in pills. He practices the art of nothingness, while you practice the science of nothingness. You're both obsessed with it: nothingness, emptiness, blankness, absence.”

The character development is so well done. Their stories unfold gradually, with inner thoughts and flashbacks to past experiences which gave a better understanding of their complexities. By the end of the book I felt like I was right beside them on their journey to self- discovery and clarity.

Book Wellness by Nathan Hill with a plant on the window seal
Book Wellness by Nathan Hill with a plant on the window seal

The book also explored the science of belief.  There is a scene where Elizebeth attends a party with members of the community who believe in the power of positive affirmations. She witnessed their unwavering faith and she walks into a private room of the home where she sees a vision board that looks more like a shrine. Elizebeth made an excuse to leave the event because these people were clearly a bunch of wackos right! Or were they?!

As a person who loves vision boards and is a believer of the power of manifestation, this book made me question the limits of delusion, belief, hope and the differences between “toxic positivity” and healthy optimism.

This book will have you examining your own beliefs and what is truly what it takes to achieve happiness and well-being in life.

- Maya & The Spine Down



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