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The Spine Down Edition- Books, Brunch and Bubbly!

On August 27th, The Spine Down held a Books, Brunch and Bubbly event with close family and friends! When I tell you it was a vibe?!?! IT WAS A VIBE!!!

Guests were asked to bring a book by a black author to swap, to enjoy bubbly drinks, delicious brunch and to enjoy the good vibes of other book lovers! It was so exciting to see the variety of books that were shared. There were a few copies of Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, a ton of books by Terri McMillian, poetry lovers, some contemporary reads and a hand full of classics!

During the event I shared the stories behind what inspired The Spine Down, the purpose which is to encourage adult reading, create community around readers and avenues in which The Spine Down was looking to venture.

You know how we are when there is good food and good drinks! The vendors at the event did not disappoint! As soon as you came through the door Sippin Sidewayz Mobile Bar was waiting for you with the bubbly and in a few steps was brunch (waffles, eggs, bacon and potatoes) catered by GrillBae Catering . For those who were more into coffee and tea, Bold and Gritty Coffee was offered along with Happy Earth Tea. The super cute The Spine Down tote bags and t-shirts were made my Veronica Rolon Rush. All of these companies are Rochester based. Be sure to click their links and check them out!

The Vibe was a vibe was a VIBE is all that I can say! It’s something so special when you get dope people all in one room. Every guest that entered added to the room and I’m so grateful for those who were able to support, share their time, love and energy for a books and a good time!

The gorgeous event space where this event was held was at the Rochester Brainery in the NOTA neighborhood of Rochester, NY. The Rochester Brainery is the perfect event space for classes, weddings and endless events!

Last, but not least, let’s get into this look!

  • My face beat by Beauty for Ashes

  • My top is from my good ol faithful

  • My pants (hip holdin’ and controllin’ hunny HAHA) were a random find at TJMaxx

  • Smile, Vibe and Arua I have to attribute to:

- my always supportive parents: father Charles A. Smith and the late mother Virginia Dukes- Smith. August 27th is my mother’s birthday and this event was defintely covered with her heavenly love and support!

- my A1 Day 1’s who always support me and are my sounding boards!

- my new friends. I know Drake said we can’t let new friends in, but I welcome them!

- my Sorors (skee-wee) and family who ride and support me always!

My heart is still full and I can’t wait until next time!

- Maya & The Spine Down



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