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Puerto Vallarta Paradise and The Living Room Bookstore & Cafe

I kicked off 2023 in Puerto Vallarta with my love for much-needed relaxation, delicious food, beautiful views, and bookish fun!

Puerto Vallarta Malecon

Walking the cobblestone roads of Malecon Boardwalk (Puerto Vallarta Malecon) there is so much to see! Filled with vibrant colors, trinket shops, and captivating monuments, there were also delicious restaurants along the way. There were a few that we couldn’t resist. Some of my favorites were fresh oysters from Oyster Grill De La Docena, authentic tacos from Pancho’s Takos, and churro pancakes from Coco’s Kitchen! DELICIOUS!!!

The Views

The weather in Puerto Vallarta in January is perfect; hot enough for shorts and pools, but not too hot to melt you away. The sunsets over soft ocean waves were so serene.

The Rhythm of the Night

While in Puerto Vallarta we got a chance to see The Rhythm of the Night show. The show started with a sunset cruise across Banderas Bay which took us to Las Caletas. Once there we experienced an acrobatic show with fire, music, and stunts. It was a night to remember!

The Living Room Bookstore and Cafe

I always look forward to visiting bookstores when I travel and I found one not to far from the resort at The Living Room Bookstore & Cafe. This bookstore is women owned by Kelly who I had the pleasure of meeting. She was so kind and passionate about selling books in the Marina community. Migrating from Oregon, Kelly wanted to bring value to her new community and did so by opening The Living Room Bookstore and Cafe in 2019.

Obsessed with the name “The Living Room”, I asked Kelly what was her inspiration and she shared that when thinking of a name she wanted something universal that people could relate to which I love! For me, the living room of one's home is a place of relaxation, good conversations and is personally one of my favorite places to read. If you’re ever in the Marina community of Puerto Vallarta, be sure to check out The Living Room for books in both English and Spanish, new and used, hand made bookmarks, good vibes, and a tasty drink!

- Maya & The Spine Down



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